“To minimize the threat to life and property due to fire, medical or other emergencies through education, prevention, preparedness, prompt response, treatment and effective customer service.”

To consistently provide our Mount Lemmon residents and visitors with quality services, in a professional and efficient manner, and provide leadership that ensures progress and success.

The Mount Lemmon Fire District will deliver on its promise to the community through the following core organizational values and beliefs:

  • Integrity

To achieve our mission, through a professional approach, that focuses on developing and maintaining our strength and maximizing our ability to do the right thing for Mt. Lemmon residents, visitors and MLFD employees.

  • Commitment

To continuously address the needs of our customers, never turn away from our obligations or waiver from our desire to deliver efficient and effective services.

  • Professionalism

To always strive to develop and exhibit the character, compassion, skills, positive attitude and helpful approach specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers.

  • Dedication

To demonstrate; devotion to duty, loyalty to the District and those who share its mission, and strict adherence to the commitment to serve the residents and visitors entrusted to our care.